1930 Ford Model A Hotrod True Survivor

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1930 Ford Model A
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Attention all serious collectors and museums looking for a fabulous piece of survivor history!

Pre-War/Post-War II Ford Hotrod Roadster Model A Survivor with a great story.
THIS TRUE PRE-WAR II MODEL A ROADSTER HOTROD, that exists today is in its basic hotrod form and condition, paint and interior as it was made from 1942-1945.

This Model A hotrod runs good and strong and it runs fast! The two legendary Bentzen brothers that built this hotrod were both accomplished engineers of the day. The Bentzen brothers never married and their entire lives were devoted to “speed” on land, air and water and they were true racing enthusiasts, the lore is that they actually had this car up to 100 mph in 1942 (very fast for the day). The car was taken up to 65 mph in recent years with plenty left to go but that was the top speed that the driver was comfortable with because of concerns about driving on the original tires.

This hotrod Model A Roadster has a Model B Ford truck engine upgrade with dual carbs, Burns intake, plus overhead valve head setup. Yes, yes, period correct overhead valves conversion on the 4-cylinder Ford B engine, can you believe it! Casting on the overhead setup says, “use anti-knock fuel and use high compression plugs, Schofield Inc. of America, Los Angeles”.
The Model B 4-cylinder engine in the car was from a Model A truck because it had the heavy crank for the upgrades. Note that the original Model A engine, original brakes and convertible top frame are included with the sale.

It has had the tires and tubes replaced in the last few years; other than that it is in its basic form and condition from the 1940s.

Yes, this is one of those “Real Deal” survivor cars that every car collector of California style hotrods dreams of finding. This car is just as it was built starting in 1940 with all the best of speed equipment “of the day” including the overhead valve engine conversion (yes, we have to repeat – this is an overhead valve engine) dual carbs and special exhaust manifold from the parts that were available during the early 1940s.

This Model A is all Henry Ford metal except for the metal cycle fenders, sorry you fans of fiberglass, you won’t find any fiberglass on this car!

The car drives like a 1940s period hotrod, Fast & Loud & Mean and looks exactly like a 1940s hotrod. It can keep up with modern traffic (no problem), try doing that with your production Model A Ford. The speed equipment on this car (jack rabbit quick) and the overhead valve kit from the 1940s is irreplaceable especially when you consider that it is all together in one piece on one engine and in this totally great running condition survivor hotrod. (Be sure to see the video in this listing of the car running).

For collectors and museums looking for a truly historically authentic piece of 1942 survivor hotrod history, this car is one that could be the crown jewel in your collection or museum. Just a fabulous, super rare American hotrod from the 40s.

Check out not only the documentation on this fully documented car but also that of the two Bentzen brothers history. Bill Bentzen was a war hero, shot down over Ploetsi oil raids and was a prisoner of war. He was a designer and injection mold maker and tool maker for Lindberg, Monogram and prototype producers. Ken received technical training in Denmark and US designer and draftsman. Ken also work for Lindberg Manufacturer. The Bentzen brothers build all sorts of sports cars, motorcycles and airplanes. They also built engines for midget racers, cast their own piston and cylinders heads and raced at Indy with their midgets. There is a lot more information about the Bentzen brothers but the above is a brief history. The buyer will receive the documentation to prove up the history of this car.

Very few cars can compare with this car for its historical significance and documentation, looks and speedy performance.

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